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Oat "milk"

(2017-09-09 11:03:15)

I love making homemade plant "milk". Today morning I've tried the Oat "milk" and I have to say - this homemade "milk" is much much much better (and cheaper) than the "milk" which you can buy in the shops. And you can make chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla or berry "milk"....simply add what you like!

You will need

100g oats
1l filtered water
3-5 dried dates (if you want sweet option)
pinch of salt


Add oats, dates (if using) and salt to a high speed blender. Pour the water and blend for about 1 minutes. Pour the mixture over a large bowl covered with very thin towel or nut milk bag to remove any oat remnants. Transfer the oat milk to glass or plastic bottle and refrigerate in the fridge max 5 days. Enjoy!